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The Proposition

We are looking for a JV partner who is able to provide either a building and fit out or the investment capital to provide such a facility. This may be as a floor within a multi-occupied building as is One Alfred Place or a smaller, stand alone building as in the Kings Cross Hub.

cowellconsulting will provide the management and marketing. There will be a number of unique, sector specific features and benefits including an in-house networking and business development service provided by cowellco’.

We envisage income emanating from a choice of usage packages ranging from various levels of Membership to the exclusive use of a serviced office on a licence. This is open for discussion and could include:

-Gold, Silver and Bronze membership to include a range of services and discounts on use of facilities by visiting members plus additional charges for use of workstations, meeting rooms, printing, catering etc.
-A monthly licence for a defined space charged per desk space plus charges as above.
-Regular networking events, seminars and entertainment charged to participants.
-A ‘mirror’ online facility for members and tenants which will become a magnet for supplier’s advertisements and an industry reference for professional service seekers.

Income Projection



  • Entry level. Includes postal address (non-forwarding) , telephone answering/forwarding and access to the lounge and catering offer and Newsletter.
  • They would be listed under their category on the web site with a link to their own site only.
  • All other services would be available but chargeable.
  • Cost of membership would need to be comparable with similar facilities such as the IOD, other HUBs and similar offers from MWB, Regus etc.


  • Could include telephone answering and post forwarding service, access to the lounge with free coffee/tea, storage area (to be defined – but big enough for a laptop, coat, brochures), discounts on meeting room and work station hire, free participation in a selection of Business Development events, Newsletter.
  • The real step up is on the web site presence. Members would have their own profile with logo and have access to other members similar to Linkedin.
  • Cost of a similar membership at One Alfred Place is £1500 pa plus a joining fee of £150. However there is evidence that they are now discounting. Their offer is very high quality spread over 10,000 sq feet opposite the Building Centre in WC1.


  • This package would offer a realtime London presence with a significant package of office and online services. Members would also have the services of a Virtual PA who would book meetings, tables and guest invitations, organise overnight accommodation and entertainment. Services would include discounted ‘taxi’ services via Addison Lee/Lewis & Day style service providers, including chauffer driven quality cars.
  • Gold members would be appraised of all sector-relevant seminars, networking and other events available in London on a daily basis. This would be a summary of events such as RIBA and V&A talks, seminars and exhibitions with the option of our arranging attendance.
  • They would get automatic inclusion on all BD and Network events and first call on table places on our tables at the BCO Awards/Dinners, MIPIM and MAPIC events and preference for inclusion on our exhibition stands and pavilions.
  • Website presence would be high quality with regular articles that include references to them, their own page on the site and premium status including regular updates and reports.
  • There does not seem to be an equivalent service of this nature and therefore the cost will need to be determined perhaps by market research.

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