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FUSE1 |The London Design + Construction Hub

Despite global economic conditions, London remains a beacon of wealth and stability that attracts a large percentage of the world's corporate and personal investment. As such demand for all types of property remains high. New City icons are either on site or close to commencement, regeneration is underway in the wake of the Olympics and on the South Bank and demand for housing and student accommodation remains high.

By comparison, the rest of the UK is suffering from lack of investment in a stagnant property market. One of the effects of this downturn is that companies and practices based outside London are now looking for a share of the capital’s market. However many such firms suffer from the lack of a permanent base from which to launch their initiatives which hampers their effectiveness and increases their costs?

The Hub Solution

The London Design and Construction Hub offers an innovative and practical solution and offers members some unique benefits. There are many serviced offices and similar serving London with a variety of packages – good, bad and indifferent. However there is seldom any additional benefit to be gained and users are still very much on their own. There is also the common scenario of a host of visiting representatives from out-lying companies wandering the streets, filling the coffee shops and hotel lobbies trying to hold meetings or get some work done in between meetings.

They are obliged to carry their bags, coats, laptops, brochures or samples around town come rain or shine –often dressed for one when it’s doing the other! For all of them and for many others in the design and construction industry we are pleased to offer an answer.......

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Fuse is a networking agency that provides advice and strategies to UK businesses in and around London...

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