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The Hub in its early stages will need enough space to be attractive and serviceable but not so much as will be needed once membership, usage and tenancy becomes established. Ideally a building or floor-plate where expansion was possible would be ideal.

The layout will incorporate:


  • Reception/Registration area
  • Lounge/Informal meeting area
  • Catering area (may be incorporated into the Lounge)
  • Work Station area
  • Storage facilities
  • Meeting Rooms/Training Rooms
  • Administrative office area.
  • Comms Room
  • WC’s

These facilities could initially be created utilising 1000sq ft of space depending on the building type, floor plan and ceiling height.

The image above is of a similar concept in Kings Cross where the meeting rooms and workstations are located on the mezzanine and gallery of this double height converted warehouse with the ground floor used for more informal meeting and work space and canteen facility.

Start up costs: Excluding rent and tax include:

  • FF&E including catering (leased)
  • Telecommunications and server hardware (leased)
  • Wi-Fi
  •  Staff (one full time or two part-time)
  • Insurance
  • Branding, web site, publicity material and stationery (provided by media and print partners)
  • Marketing and PR (provided by PR partner)

Images of One Alfred Place, a Membership club facility located on a floor of a modern office building in WC1 catering mostly for the media sector.

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