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Talk: Barry Gilbertson

Friday 20th July 2012 - 8am


Barry Gilbertson will be our guest speaker and his talk is entitled:

"The critical linkage between the economy, banking and real estate"

Aged 60, Barry practises as the eponymous Barry Gilbertson Consultancy. He was with PwC from 1992 - 2011, and previously the managing director of a commercial and residential investment & development company. From June 2011, Barry is a Director of MI Developments Inc, a leading real estate company in Toronto, Canada, listed on NYSE. Barry is an acknowledged expert in interpreting property markets, in property turnaround, won the Estates Review Property Insolvency Award for 2009, and specialises in strategic solutions for real estate within a business context.

You can download his bio in .pdf here.

You may contact M. Gilbertson using the following:

+44 (0) 771 007 3456   

Twitter: @barrygilbertson

In order to attend this event, you need to...

BRIGADE on Tooley Street, SE1.

Venue Info
139 Tooley Street, Southwark, London SE1 2HZ


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